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Patricia Dixon's Over My Shoulder [Book Review]

Originally posted 9 Sept 2017


Freya, an early 20 something female, has a good job with a good company. She also is in a relationship with Ronnie of about two years. Then she meets dashing Kane at her job when he is there to deliver her boss's car to him.

Not only is Kane dashing, but he's polite, well spoken and a once in a lifetime catch. And he has eyes of Freya.


Kane knows how to play the game of manipulation and he plays it well. When the relationship starts, Kane takes Freya to the best restaurants to eat. Drives her in an expensive cars and showers her with gifts. He takes her to his apartment and treats her like she's never been treated before.
Freya is taken in by Kane. So much so she breaks it off with her boyfriend, Ronnie.

It's not long before Kane's true colors start come out but Freya refuses to listen to his rages and her friend Lydia's instincts about Kane. But it's not only Lydia that has some concerns, Freya's mother has some big concerns of her own. However, neither Lydia's warnings nor Freya's mother's warnings has an impact on Freya. All she sees is dashing Kane who has money and can give her the life she always wanted.


It's not until Freya is so deep into the relationship and has provided herself with countless excuses on why Kane behaves the way he does, that she realizes she's being held captive by an invisible wall called domestic abuse.

Kane not only becomes verbally and emotionally abusive towards Freya by disliking how she dresses or the things she eats (she was a conscious eater before meeting Kane), but it soon turns to physical abuse. Seemingly innocent evenings of watching a movie on TV and a slight comment from Freya can turn Kane into a raging maniac who sees Freya as a punching bag instead of his girlfriend.


Freya had seen signs early on but choose to ignore them. Was it out of desperation because she found the man of her dreams and was she afraid to let him go? Was it because she was enjoying the life he could provide her? Or was she, as mentioned earlier, too far in to leave?


Invisible walls are hard to break down. You know it is there but you can't see it. When Freya has to choose between her life (the spoils of being with Kane as well as the fear of leaving Kane) and her life (sanity, family and friends), which will she choose? Or is she too far in she can't get out?


I had trouble reading this book for two reasons: 1. The abuse was all to real. No, not to me on a personal level, just on a level that this really happens. And 2. Freya is an intelligent woman and her staying with Kane had me calling her an idiot through out the book. Freya was even calling her self an idiot for staying with Kane.

I have the pleasure of calling Patricia Dixon my friend and have had the pleasure of speaking with her. From out conversations I learned why the story seemed so real; because it is real. What Freya is going through is loosely based on the author's experience and the ordeal didn't end not so long ago for the author. Everything is still fresh with Ms. Dixon. I know time heals all, but some time it will always been like a fresh wound no matter how much time has passed.

Patricia Dixon
19 May 2017
454 pages
Highfield Press

Author's Facebook page: Patricia Dixon

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